Wednesday, October 19, 2016

United Nations (John Norton)

This is my weekly video address on YouTube to the UN General Assembly,UN Security Council,UN Delegates,World Leaders on important thematic global current issues,policy,agenda solving problems.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Global Terrorism

Well,I think I will talk about global terrorism with a keen insight into what are the causes that make these groups very dangerous to national security,global security and peace. So,start with the basics here from my prospective being with several American government agencies such as USDOJ Department of Justice,CIA,NSA,State Department and. executive branch-The White House including the United Nations. I will begin to show my global readers what I think about controlling,eradication of global terrorism,radical militants,why I think this fight for democracy is worth the investment in the future of earth. Now for some background on who I am in government,I am former Director of Intelligence now known as National Director of Intelligence since President Obama changed the destination of title, I was head of the largest spy agency on earth which is what the Central Intelligence Agency which is to current date. I formerly worked for the National Security Agency as a global analyst both security and policy on domestic issues and foreign government problems. I was also a Federal Police officer with Federal Police Agency which does border security,investigation and provides critical security with maximum security government,ship container ports,defense department locations nationally. I am former with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) as Special Agent (Lead) in criminal division where my jobs where 1. VOCRU (Violent Organized Crime and Racketeering Unit) spying on,busting Mobsters (Mafia),Organized Criminal Organizations,Drug Cartels,Satanic Death Cults,Terror Groups etc. 2. (VGU) Violent Gang Unit) spying on,busting violent street gangs members,violent career criminals,KKK Ki Klux Klan members,violent radical supremacist groups,etc. 3. FBI Special Operations-(Swat Operator) spying on,investigation,busting the worst violent offenders,terrorists,gangsters,doing crisis management,hostage negotiations,harsh interrogation,military style special tactical use of force,etc anything to get the mission completed. I was in the US Attorney General office where my job was as a Federal Prosecutor to prosecute Mobsters,Gangsters,Criminal Gangs,Drug Cartels,Criminal Organizations etc for a variety of federal crimes. I was in the White House as Director of Intelligence,Cabinet Minister,State Department Diplomat,Foreign Service Officer State Department,variety of White House Cabinet jobs in several administrations,Final job was Senior  Director of Cabinet Operations (Daily Operations Manager) planning,management,control,analysis of White House Cabinet Secretaries,all global American policy,agendas. Example- Made final decision to kill Terror Leader Osama Bin Laden,planned, directed military,CIA mission to corner him,killed him with US military Special Operations Team Six in Pakistan took 6years to find him,finish the job that ended Al Qaeda leader rain of brutal terror,also killed other terror leaders from various different groups. When 911 despicable terror act happened with the World Trade Center bombing I planned coordinated,directed,completed the President verbal directive to get revenge,take down,destroy all who are globally responsible for 911 terror attack, while I was in the White House. When I was Director of Cabinet Operations in Obama administration I plan from beginning  to final military objective completed have both captured,killed lots of terror leaders of various global terror groups with precision expanding success. I created a global opposition through diplomatic negotiations,military useage of threats,force,empowered opposition groups,global coalition of nations to fight to all these terror groups,Satanic death cult,radical militant groups with huge success against all of them. I was the key White House senior leader that coordinated,planned,directed all defense and offensive strategy against American enemies with the Pentagon,Military Joint Chiefs of Staff,US Department of Justice,US Department of State,US Intelligence Agencies-NSA,CIA,DIA,all government agencies. The President reviewed the plan and signed the Executive Order to destroy these groups approving my beginning plans to final completion. We know how these groups are funded,where the funding coming from,combined with a global list of supporters,donors,list of names globally who are terror cult leaders,organizations founders. We have been,still continue to dismantling these radical militant groups piece by piece with huge precision accuracy winning success against them. I have in the White House,now in the United Nations used the police,criminal courts,justices,spy agencies,military to smackdown these these terror groups,satanic death cults,variety of satanic radical militant groups,terror groups by satanic church,militant religious fanatics mostly Islamic but other factions included. I have continued to promote both democracy,freedom and religion based on democracy and freedom while putting teeth in the justice system,military to go after these militant groups that are a huge threat to the continued global peace,security,overall stability of both mankind and earth itself. You have to be firm with your position in dealing with these militant groups as I learned from my much loved President George Bush Sr. boss who said " You got to be firm in usage,promoting America position we have zero tolerance for satanic death cults,terrorist and any other wacko who thinks he going use his grudge against Americans. You got to take them out before they get to American soil here or we will be unfortunately forced to every American fighting them in the streets which we definitely want to avoid that happening here in our country." I learned a lot from a heavily decorated US Navy combat pilot and war hero of World War Two about what is important to the freedom of a nation from a man who fought for it in a Navy pilot seat which George Bush Sr did do. He once told me " You know America enemies are afraid of you when a. German plane flying past you salutes you instead of blowing your butt of with guns. You quickly learn from a combat pilot seat to quickly,accurately judge your enemies or die it's just that simple." In another conversation he told me "Look young man,I am old timer compared to you young whipper snapper and your boss here so I am going to lecture you about something important from my knowledge and experience. America a great nation built on blood,sweat,guts,work,courage and patriotism never forget the people all who built this nation including the people who lost their lives in war for the fight for global democracy and freedom. These are the real heroes that put you here in the White House to lead America and the world." I reflect on these important statements and lessons from a Presidential boss who has lived in in real life doing everything he can do to make global peace and security a reality for all this planet as President of United States. He is right about how to deal with these wacko militant groups by pushing the American agenda,using America allies to chop these groups apart,combined with our own financial,military and government organizations to invade them,rip them apart. I have used a lot of my former President Bush Sr and yes Bush Jr. knowledge,wisdom to great advantage against America enemies in the world including terror groups,satanic cults etc. The world has to come to a new policy position that terrorism,satanic church,satanic death cults and wacko militant groups that are openly and secretly trying to destroy this planet earth are going to be harshly treated,subject to a variety of governments and agencies going after them to put them out of business. I said to the UN representative in person recently who wanted to talk to me privately "I know your concerned about my position,so I will answer your questions. My answer is you got to get busy with a development plan to chop these militant groups up meanwhile promoting the global peace process. "It's going to be difficult to walk a tight rope for the betterment of planet earth but you got to do both or we will have a uphill road getting anything accomplished at all on earth." This remains my position dealing with global terrorism by being straight forward with plans and action you can put them out of business globally.

Have Blessed Day,
Hon. John F Norton Jr.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

UN Secretary General-YouTube Video)

This is my special prerecorded message to the United Nations,UN General Assembly,UN Security Council,delegates,world leaders on important internal administration problems,thematic global issues.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Public Corruption

This morning I wake up with a different prospective on public government that is unfortunately a reality in the modern age. I think about this morning all the government agencies that I have had a job of being leader of them including in the White House. Today I am thinking about ethics and public corruption because of what I am facing in the United Nations as a elected Secretary General of this global organization. I spent now almost three decades in public government in both places America and the United Kingdom combined. I have seen a lot happens when good people do good things to provide,promote the public needs,civil society and well being of citizens. I am in my fourth year being in the United Nations first as incoming elected UN Secretary General and also as a lawyer,prosecutor and police officer. I have a lot of expert experience in dealing with public corruption when I was in the US Justice Department as FBI agent to go after public corrupt officials,mobsters,violent career criminal,gangs,drug cartels,criminal organizations,satanic cults and again in the US Attorney General office where It was my job to use public corruption laws,career criminal laws,satanic cults to put away into prison the worst violent offenders slamming the door on them. In my time I have learned in Department of Justice what makes them function which always is some kind of psychosis with the underlying factors that they were abused by their parents and hate society. The more sophisticated crooks are public corrupt government officials who think that they can bare faced lies to the public combination with dirty backroom deals taking,giving kickbacks and bribery. They think they are untouchable,nobody ever going find out who they are connected to and what criminal activities they are doing because nobody will talk about it. I seen this when I was in the White House dealing with America's vast amount,variety of government agencies where people think it's never going to be discovered what misconduct,crimes they are doing because they got a government job. This is why I created Operation Clean Government in the White House in the Bush Administration and continued it with my being in the Obama administration. I argued for tougher new rules,laws on public  ethics and corruption within government agencies within the White House. Three Presidents have given me the authority and everything I want on dealing with ethics violations,abuse of trust combination with dealing harshly with public corruption. I have taken my case to Congress many times while in the White House as Cabinet Secretary and lastly as Director Cabinet Operations where I pushed the legislation in the legislature to punish public government officials for all types of ethics violations,crimes,public corruption. I got the Senate to adopt several new approved legislation to curb,stemming the tide of horrendous,aggressive abuse of public authority. I found being Director of Cabinet Operations in the Obama administration unfortunately certain government cronies think they can just do whatever they want to do with no public accountability. When I became Director of White House  Cabinet from day one I let people know if you think your going to just skate by in your cabinet jobs,just forget it and if you do something wrong,I going throw you to the wolves in the Justice Department. More than a few cabinet ministers got shuffled to a rearward position or got totally replaced with someone who has a clean record in government spectrum. I demanded good ethics and clean government from everyone who served in the Cabinet and government agencies. I have fired and hired so many people with both Bush Presidents and Obama approval for a variety of jobs that it's a very large number. When I comes to government solvency and leadership I promoted in the White House and now in the United Nations clean government practices. What has prompted me to write this blog piece is dealing with public corruption in the United Nations. It's all the same types of people who think they can do whatever the heck they feel like doing,nobody going to oppose them and going to find out their dirty. I have a extreme advantage over everyone in the upper levels of the UN because three prior UN chiefs have spent tons of their time and effort to educate me for,about this job as United Nations Secretary General. Their private tutoring of me with their insider knowledge about who is in the UN and what to watch in certain people is of great value to me. I am currently elected to this job tutored,mentored by people who have run this juggernaut UN organization who know it very well. I been warned about by two former UN chiefs that public corruption is running rampant out of control after they left office.  Even worse I been shown the truth that it's become a pay to play organization which is what I am going to dealing with as a organization. I walk into this job as incoming elected UN Secretary General with a ocean full of knowledge about this organization from three former UN chiefs and five US Presidents armed and prepared to deal with all the enormous rampant problems this organization has,is going on in every level. I am ready to deal with this organization issues just as I did in the White House with leadership decisions that are going to clean up this organization. I relate to that from one former UN chiefs personal thoughts,comments "This UN organization stinks of corruption,pay to play problems,ethics violations everywhere plus more. I am grateful for the job given to me for the time I did it. This place needs a tough leader and prosecutor to deal with the global nepotism,corruption,ethics and endless amount of internal problems. Your the man this organization needs because you already have a long track record of dealing with America organization in the White House which actually is minimum 50 times the size of the United Nations. Glad your the one elected to being UN chief because you'll make this organization into a first rate government and organization that serves the people on this planet not the other way opposite.. Good Luck" I remember this conversation with on former Secretary General who talked to me the day I got officially elected to this job to encourage me to do the right thing for mankind,earth future by giving this organization a gigantic overall. The last statement that he said as word of advice to me before hanging up the phone he said that "Your the first American to ever be elected to this job,so expect your going to get old cold war communists,despicable dictators, hardliners in other countries and unfortunately in the including in the UN old communists and liberals,that will oppose you,I warn you they will try to dump,get you out of office of Secretary General. You have to listen to my advice, just be tough on them and don't be pushed out,keep a firm hand on the UN,don't tolerate them and corruption of any kind". I am doing what is suggested to me,plus what I have found this works in public government in both America and United Kingdom. Jokingly I said to him, "I will run the tightest ship on planet earth and it's problems,I will fix the leaking ship" So this is how I am going to take on my new job on January 2017 as United Nations Secretary General after Ban Ki Moon is out of office. We are going full speed forward with a complex reforms,complete organizational overall,which includes firing people who are dead weight,hiring new people who are highly qualified for the jobs they are hired to do. This is just one step in my Operation UN Clean Government that going to begin turning this organization into something that entire earth (civilization) appreciates,approves as leadership. I want to note that I am the principle author,created the UN Corruption Compact that globally changes criminal codes,procedures to add enforcement new UN global laws against public corruption. This is now published public international laws that gets tough on governments globally to address the thematic issues of abuse of power,public corruption,nepotism and criminal activities in government. When I started this new change,I got many important co-signing to this important piece of global legislation which passed the both the UN Security Council,UN General Assembly,so now it's public UN laws,I think it's a great success for global planet earth to have these new legal tools.

Have Blessed Day,

John F Norton Jr.

Hon. UN Secretary General
HM King Scotland
Attorney at Law

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Global Energy Policy

Today,I want to address the global energy issues with my critical knowledge combined with my  viewpoint. I am a big supporter of clean energy types,means of producing energy on a global,national and local level included. Many people on planet earth actually do support the shift from the useage of fossil fuels to a clean alternative energy plans with programs that use these emerging technologies. I think over this week about what a difference it would make for earth environment when we complete shift to alternative energy. I think the overall impact would be huge positive benefits for the climate and earth environment by making this kind of change away from toxic fuels that have created combined with continuing to create enormous environmental damage from toxic pollution. There are tons of new technology like giant windmills that generate enough power to keep the local lights on twenty four hours a day,to gigantic solar panels that pivot on automatic motion tracking platforms,to water turbines that are so large in actual size they can power a city the size of New York. It's not to hard to imagine that one day somewhere on planet earth their will be a series of super combo systems that run all three wind,water and solar. These super systems would be able to generate enough power for all of earth needs being fulfilled meanwhile it's cheap energy production. I think systems like these combined with others will solve a lot of earth functional needs in both quality and cost efficiency for producing energy,meanwhile reducing the useage of fossil carbon based fuels. I have given a lot of thought as to how it's global effects on earth would be in this century and beyond if and when we actually do make the shift to Green Energy. The effects based on modern model data shows that earth,mankind would greatly benefit from doing this shift to alternate green energy. It certainly would benefit all of mankind drop the big dependent on fossil base fuels like oil,gas,diesel,natural gas etc.. I looked at a recent study done in Brookings Institute on the global effect on useage of carbon fuels,their production costs,overall environmental damage done to earth. I will tell you it's shocking to think that we as a human race produce 90% of the toxic chemicals on planet earth,meanwhile we continue to ignore the overall obvious environmental damage it's doing to earth. If we change that by spending the same amount of money we invest in fossil fuels both liquids and gas instead wered put it alternative Green Energy. You would see a two fold benefit with the costs being reduced to produce enough energy to make entire planet earth power grids function without ever using fossil fuels again. This is just benefit one that planet earth would get from making the shift to clean energy production,useage. You can't ignore the second benefit that this shift by entire earth to Green Energy everyone would gain from it. This second benefit would be the slow healing of earth climate,ecosystems,environment and the planet as as whole would begin to be a cleaner place for all life that lives on planet earth. I know based on my own research that their are other benefits that clean energy will bring to earth by using it as a primary sources of power,energy production. It's my long standing belief the we as the human race have backed ourselves into a large corner by willfully abuse of earth,that we have to now create new technology,alternative energy to solve our,earth problems. We have to look for new ways to solve multiple centuries problems on earth,with technical innovations. This must include alternative energy that provide real solutions to fix both our global energy requirements meanwhile curing all of earth environment. When we use this new technology to better the future of earth,mankind then we are protecting the present and yes overall future of earth that we live on calling it home. So,what other solutions can we as mankind to enhance our energy policy,position with regards to energy process,project,programs? You see alternative energy has more value the more you explore the overall technology and applications that it can be used for enhancing mankind's future. The way we create and store energy has greatly changed in the last 50 years with technology advances that allows mobile devices to store energy for example. Global innovation is driving this planet into new areas that we are exploring and it's exciting to think of what our future will look like even a decade from now. For centuries we struggled to create basic solutions to global energy problems but now we as mankind have and will I am convinced achieve new plan,goals for a future earth that uses only alternative energy. Yes,you do hear the critics say it's not possible with the world being so heavy dependence on fossil fuels. I don't agree because from a scientific standpoint it's complex to achieve it,however it's possible to achieve it with technical investment,technology innovation that puts alternative energy into the mainstream power grid of planet earth. You simply have to realize that we as a mankind have already outgrown fossil fuels and what we need is a new plan put into useage immediately to start achieving our global power needs. I had recently a brilliant scientist come to me talking up the idea that what about using plasma energy to generate the world energy needs,it's certainly worth exploring it. Well,since I work part time for DARPA (Defense Advance Research Agency) as a engineer creating innovation,process and all kinds of new inventions that give America a huge global technology edge. There are many projects DARPA has already created that advance alternative energy useage for a variety of applications. Some day in the future even the electric light bulb will be replaced by something DARPA engineers have designed and built to solve another of mankind problems. I think it's a brilliant bright future earth has providing we use common sense approach combined with science,technology and innovation to achieve our future with God's help. This is my thoughts on global energy solutions that will put us as a planet very far ahead creating a new wonderful future for mankind,earth.

John F Norton Jr.
The Hon. UN Secretary General
HM King of Scotland
Attorney at Law

Monday, October 3, 2016

UN Secretary General-(John Norton)

This is a short YouTube weekly video message update to United Nations General Assembly,Security Council,World Leader on current issues on the work agenda for this week which includes trade,climate,Russia,Yemen,Sudan,disarmament,global peace.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Global Nuclear Weapons

I am going to answer all my critics and skeptics with a boat load of truth in this blog piece. You see many people in the UN don't know my overall position on nuclear weapons,meanwhile some of my critics have sought to exploit the majority of people in the UN,global earth about my position concerning nuclear weapons. So,here I will explain my position in great details that way nobody misquotes me on this subject. Well,my position hasn't changed at all in all five White House administrations that I served in a variety of positions. First of all before I get to in-depth explanation of my position and why I have this policy position. I want everyone to turn your attention to the chart below on this blog post,pause for a minute to consider what the data shows about global nuclear weapons perforation keeping in mind that this chart is three years old. Yes,the chart is older but it's still very relevant to one the overall problem that earth future,mankind and everything living thing on earth is faced with currently. I think it's totally appalling that in a modern civil society on earth that mankind is creating,building such destructive devices that do have the capacity to destroy this entire planet earth. I think once you sit pondering the charts as I have including this one I am posting here,only then do you see for yourself the huge scope,magnitude of the problem mankind created for itself. I posted this same chart on Twitter and peoples reaction to it is they are stunned to learn the true facts about a possible nuclear future holocaust looking at the chart. So,my position is still the same when I started into political government office in America. We don't need nuclear weapons in America and for certain we definitely don't need weapons of mass destruction on earth anywhere. I fought every Defense Spending bill in Congress that put into the public budget spending appropriations for nuclear and biological weapons. I have gotten the two Presidents to use the Line Items Veto authority to completely strip the funding for both research,development and programs that create nuclear and biological weapons. I have pushed Congress to stop putting in Appropriations Bills funding for new advanced nuclear and biological weapons because it's madness and a total waste of public tax payers money. While the world bickered about what to do about nuclear weapons,we in the White House decided that the best plan to deal with this growing problem of nuclear proliferation is to get now to negotiate with the UN General Assembly to 're- ratified Start One which former President Jimmy Carter achieved as the first global nuclear non proliferation treaty. I remember the fight in Congress and in the UN General Assembly which amounted to absolute gridlock on this important piece of legislation. Eventually Congress did the right thing at the time and passed a measure that gave President Ronald Reagan a tool to club the UN General Assembly into a broad agreement on nuclear weapons with a new version of Start One Treaty. This was a time when the Cold War with the former Communist block called the Soviet Union was in full swing and very much a threat to international security. I have in my time in the White House and US Department of State manage thousands of crises and important global issues,agenda for America global political policy and position in this world. I think my first former boss Ronald Reagan had a good handle on the scope of the problem that the nuclear threat poses to planet earth. He said to UN General Assembly "We must come to realize the global menace and threat that nuclear weapons on this earth cause and by promoting a global world that is free from this nuclear menace only then can mankind achieve a peace,detente that mankind deeply needed. I overtly push you to accept this Start One treaty because it's a important forward step in global peace and security of the earth we all breath and live on here"..This point really reached deep into the heart of mankind with a positive outcome that the Start One Global Treaty was ratified a second time by the UN General Assembly with important improved modifications that have put us on a global road to a world free of the menace and possible nuclear holocaust that nuclear weapons are in this century. When my former boss President Reagan came to us in a several meeting on what to do with Russia building a global nuclear bombs menace and nighttime for earth he said I need you guys to come up with a plan that I can sell to the American people,the United Nations and that idiot Gorbachev in Russia before I go to any summit with him. I recall Casper (Cappy) Weinberger then Secretary of Defense saying you got a tall order their Mr. President but trust in us here,we will get you a nuclear package that everyone going to sign up for it. Mr Reagan turned to me get me something I can use as leverage against that Cold War heartless dictator in Moscow Gorbachev. I answered no problem Mr President I will spearhead this ideas into a functional plan that you can use to reduce nuclear stockpiles in both America and Communist Russia. In a huge amount of meetings that followed we developed a strong two part plan to reduce nuclear arms and go to the newly agreed Renkivick Iceland Summit. This summit would be hopefully by President Reagan the turning point and break through on nuclear weapons reduction that would reduce both sides by half in a five year deal. I was one of the authors,created and official signatures on the Start Two nuclear non proliferation treaty that gave President Reagan tools to use at the Renkivick Summit and with the United Nations. It forced Gorbachev into a unpleasant corner that if he didn't back the Start Two agreement he would face more growing voices opposition in Russia. We skillfully undermined his authority inside Russia using our enormous amount of technical and technology experience,experts in America government agencies. President Reagan on his own made the decision in the last cabinet meetings before going to Renkivick Summit that he would turn up the heat on Gorbachev by telling him if you don't back my plan in a telephone call in front of us " I will park the entire Atlantic Navy Fleet in your harbors and march all the way to Moscow" that was a tipping point in the Gorbachev mind. When he got to the Renkivick Summit he was eager to talk business about Arms Control and nuclear weapons reduction. I remember the days clearly leading up to the Renkivick Summit where former President Carter tutoring me on inside details and a complex complete update on who Gorbachev is as a leader including his staff. I should note that in the process of the Renkivick Summit Gorbachev knees buckled under the immense global pressure from the international community that he just signed everything on Start Two agreement. Behind the scene we in the White House kept the pressure on the Russians to approve Start Two agreement including pushing Congress and the international community to approve it in the United Nations. We succeeded in all our efforts with Start Two Weapons Agreement non proliferation being ratified by Russia,international community and the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly. We lobbied heavy in the White House to get this agreement for President Reagan so that the world would greatly benefit from it being ratified to reduce nuclear weapons on all the earth. This was the beginning of a growing greater plan put into place to eventually eliminate nuclear weapons and stockpiles of both nuclear,chemical and biological weapons from all the earth. As almost three decades of being American government leading the fight for common sense things that improve mankind's future,I think this is important to achieve a zero nuclear weapons world. This week mark the unfortunate death of former Israeli President who was a major proponent of a nuclear free zones first,then expanding it to the entire planet with zero nuclear,biological and chemical weapons. Yes,when my former Presidential boss William (Bill) Clinton spoke at his funeral this week he took the opportunity to expand on the former Israeli President ideas on preventing a nuclear holocaust in greater detail. It's only fitting that we include the former Israel President in this discussion about nuclear disarmament because he was a visionary in how he viewed the world. I turn to think about for a moment here what former President Clinton said at his funeral this week and I quote him "We as a civilized world have a duty and responsibility to protect the future of the next generations of the both born and unborn children on earth. Mankind must stop doing things that are insanity like building weapons of mass destruction that can destroy this planet at the current rate more than 20 times the entire planet earth. Gentleman and Ladies we must promote a world of tolerance and peace while continuing progress and prosperity for all humans on this planet earth" .. I totally agree with my former boss President Clinton in his funeral speech on the impact,implement the ideas that he has spoken,which is important to building a better world. I think it's insanity that we as entire planet earth,spend total financial output about 20-50 trillion on creating a variety of weapons of mass destruction. While we have approximately 40 percent of this planet lives in total squalor poverty,destitution going without food,clothing,medicine,basic needs like housing. Then add insult to all the problems,kids on planet earth a majority can't read,write,basic infrastructure on a majority of this planet either doesn't exist or its very little so its very limited. Yet,we a human race builds weapons that can kill everyone which is madness,when we got really big problems,that same amount of money we put into mass destruction weapons,would be better used wisely fixing all of earth current problems.

John Norton
Hon. UN Secretary General
HM King. Scotland