Sunday, August 21, 2016

Southwest Chicken Wrap

Your master gourmet chef,food and travel critic is hunted down some interesting places to try samples of yummy tasty morsels. I love my writing job it's got mouth watering benefits of puddles of delicate delights to put in my mouth. So,for the first place I am at Providence Place Mall where I captured my browsing fancy by going to many different shops. I find this mall to be difficult to access first of all with several elevators you have to use to gain access to the first floor. Personally I much prefer a much better mall design than this one where access is just one elevator to get to everywhere. I looked around to see if it's got disability persons access in any way,I didn't find any on the property which would make it hard for anyone disabled to shop here. In my search I found no disabled electric sit on carts for folks to sit down on while they shop here. A clear violation of building business codes for public business locations to not offer public access and disability carts to allow shopping to the disabled public shopper. I next decided to go sample hunting for good tasty treats,so I chose Southwest Wrap Grill in Providence Place Mall. The first thing I noticed is the service people behind the counter where complicated by total lack of organization. I actually stood at the counter waiting for ten minutes or more while the manager helped one customer total at the counter and completed the order. He basically ignored me standing at the counter and so did the rest of the employees except for one young women with black hair who pulled the manager aside to argue with him to get him and staff to help me. She finally convinced the manager and staff after ten plus minutes waiting to help me place my order for a few sample pieces. I can only imagine what I or anyone else have to do if it was a large order meal from their menu. The service totally sucked and the staff didn't know how to solve basic problems with my order. I didn't think I would get any service after standing for over ten minutes with only one family in line ahead of me. Having said that I did manage to try their Southwest Chicken Wrap sandwich which I found is a four stars rating for taste,tender meat with southwest sauce complete with Mediterranean style cheese carefully wrapped in a pita bread. I did try several samples of this sandwich most of it to the objection of taking more than one piece from both manager and staff. I was given a separate piece of their finished meat product which I do like because it is sweet and tender good taste well done cooked. Overall my I rate this place a two stars place to spend your money for convenience for a fast food shop. I would give it higher ratings due the the quality of their foods but when you add the service it just makes sense to drop the rating to a two stars place. I would not bring my family here to eat unless I had a large amount of time to wait watching other people being helped and service the same as me.

Happy Trails all Wanders,
John Norton

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Food,Travel Critic Reviews

Well,I just really realized that I have talking to the local deli woman clerk at. Whole Foods how long I actually been writing this interesting blog. I write a lot of stories for major newspapers,magazines on a variety if topics of interest to both me and my readership. Today I thought I would reinvent the wheel by writing a few important reviews about some new tasty food I just sampled. Funny thing I walk into local stores,shops and travel places and I am recognized. Hey you. .You that roaming food and critic everyone heard about in passing conversation. Gosh. .it's certainly an honor,pleasure to finally meet you in person. I hope you write us a awesome review of our place of business. Well,first on my roaming travelers agenda today is to sample some delectable morsels from Whole Food store in Cranston,RI.. I walk up to the coffee department,where I am greeted by a pleasant young female who asked me,how can I help you? I said admitted that I am the coffee conisor,ok I admit I thought I was being slick hiding my motivation asking her about what coffee samples do you have available today. I found this little female got laser precision focus on my taste buds,quickly hands me some of the best brew I ever tastefully swilled down my throat. It's actually called Arabic dark roast from my over the counter vantage point. It's smooth,not bitter and strong on the nose makes it the perfect perk me up drink when your trying to wake up after a long flight or drive. Yup it's great for that morning adventure to work propping your eyelids open with toothpicks running out the door half dressed in a mad scramble to punch that time clock with two minutes left until your late. So,next I ambled over to the cheese counter asking for a sample of your finest cheese. The older nice woman behind the counter hands me politely two pieces of what I thought I heard Cheddar cheese. It's a delightful sample to swallow which is mild taste combined with a defined age,very wonderful indeed. For my last part of my Whole Foods adventure I decide to go over to the Deli counter to try some new items they have available. I am greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff that helps me with selection of new samples of food to try tasting. The young man who steps up to serve me is very helpful and chatting about all the benefits of the food in the showcase. After listening to him,I decide to try a few wonderful samples of new items available. First up,the chicken with cheese sauce,it's cooked in a marble glazed exterior which is really would taste great in a sandwich or as shredded in a colorful decorated casserole dish. Next I try the Sweet Salmon which is so heavenly I got to this one four stars for how smooth it tastes combined with lightly sweet marinade cooked already to serve. Its definitely the highlight of my cooks tour of Whole Foods grocery store. I tried samples of the roast beef,tuna salad,regular chicken salad and also special made in the store chicken salad with walnuts,red grapes and other ingredients. My impression of all the other samples are definitely winners,I would overall recommendation to try different products and buy from Whole Foods store. Yes,the prices are higher than other grocery stores in the Rhode Island but if you want tasty quality items,then this is the store to buy from for yourself and your hungry family.
Keep on Traveling Your Adventure Road. 
Peace. .
John Norton

Friday, March 18, 2016

New Publishing..

Well,after a long time this early year dealing with sickness combination with multiple doctor visits,hospitalized for a week approximate I am feeling like I want to write again. I am I think good enough to write some blogs and maybe other content this year. So I have decided to begin writing this blog again along with my other journalist news stuff. In fact I am so excited to return to writing about food and travel I already been doing some sampling of fine foods and drinks. Yes,  I am going to post some new places I have found along with ny samples listing combination with my recommendations for people to try new cool eating,drinking places and include travel stuff too.

Have. A Great Day

Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday Season

I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. . Thanks to all my loyal global readers who make this blog worth public publishing..I haven't unfortunately been publishing to this blog lately due to health problems. I plan on resume publication of this blog January 2016 regular posts to it. I do also plan on making needed important improvements to the functionality of it included.

Have a Blessed Day,

John Norton

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to Work.

I just want to.let everyone know I took some holiday vacation time over Labor Day week to catch up.on needed issues that are important. So here I am again back at it being your food, drink,travel guru. Look for.more interesting information on this blog about exciting traveler tips coming sooner to you.

Keep on Traveling
Have a Blessed Day

Monday, August 17, 2015

Iced Latte Drink

Well today I am here at Dunkin Donuts to try there new to me iced latte cold beverage. I haven't tried this iced coffee type drink before so I thought it would be great to try it today. Initially I think that since I am a coffee drinking kind of guy that I would like this iced latte. I don't like the taste of it and they charged me for a medium cup 2.49 with a dollar of coupon. The coupon did offset the total cost of buying it but after tasting it and compared to other items on the menu it's not worth the investment. So my recommendation from my experience is buy something else on the menu instead of a iced latte because you'll be happy you've taken my recommendation.

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Have a Great Day..

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Energy Drinks

Good morning all my favorite readership of this blog I hope your all bright eyed and wearing your bushy tails this day. Today I am going to tell you about the benefits of energy drinks that have a way of giving your body a morning boost. Their are many types of these types of drinks available at your local grocery store and specialty shops. The most notably ones are a fruit and veggie blend that have a lot of nutrition value in each bottle. The other type that is available is full of caffeine made by Star Bucks,Rock Star including other similar over the store shelves brands. They provide you with caffeine mixed with taurine combined with other chemicals that give a short term energy boost. I have tried both types of  fruit,veggie and caffeine beverages they're able to give yourself the energy boost that your body needs to continue your day without being tired. Most of these bottled or canned nutrition drinks do tend to be priced higher at the checkout register. If your looking for a way to get your day going in the morning drinking a veggie or fruit combo will help you feel better all day long. If your just looking to jump start your tired body dragging yourself through your beginning work day then try a Rock Star type caffeine drink will do the job. I do recommend discount shopping for these different types of drinks at a wholesale outlet like Sam's Club,Costco or BJ Wholesale Club because you'll save a larger amount of money on your purchase by buying it in large quality in boxes. You'll enjoy the fact that you can keep this stored for a long time at your home. The great part is that these bottles and canned drinks have a long term shelf life so your assured they will still be good when your thirsty for something to drink. Hope you'll all going to take my recommendation and try tasting these drink combos you'll definitely appreciate them as I do.

Happy Trails
Keep on Traveling