Sunday, January 8, 2017

UN Secretary General John Norton- video

This is my video address to the UN legislature on important issues of democracy and freedom. Remembrance of former Democratic President of Iran Mr. Anbar Hashemi Rafsanjani who died today at age 82.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

UN Secretary General Norton New Years 2017

This day January 1,2017 is a new year beginning for all of mankind.
Welcome global earth to begin new achievements that will make all of this planet a collective success together. This is my planetary leader address to the UN General Assembly,UN Security Council and all of planet earth.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

UN Secretary General Norton

Happy New Year to all mankind,animals,every living thing on planet earth.

Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with everyone on all that earth.

Genesis- I am your one God,for I am the truth,the light and the way,for all of those who believe in me,them will have everlasting life.

H.E. UN Secretary General
Current Planetary Leader of Earth
Hon. John F Norton Jr.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

UN Secretary General John Norton

Global Problems,Solutions

Today I am writing about things that effects mankind,what the global economy,other problems means to everyone.
So you ask how does this effect me when I am in just one country or state on planet earth? Actually global economy,trade,business and workforce productivity are very important to mankind's current and future growth. When you look overall at the effects on global trade it's all related to jobs,workers productivity and free markets. You have to have open markets with economic investment to build any business. Well,the same is for global economy combination with GDP measured output. You can measure the global economy by a few standards,one being the overall health of the banking system,GDP output,raw materials,business development are very relevant to understand our global economy. You see in underdeveloped countries how it's hurting the population and civil society because workers producing raw materials,important basic services under dictatorship are very low. The overall GDP national output is not able to sustain the population that is heavy dependence on these goods and services. When you factor both underdeveloped countries and the industrialized nations in the G-20 together you get a score of global economic health,productivity,wealth. Sustainability in a global economy is essential to mankind's current and future. SDG Sustainable Development Goals plan has already been tried several times in America and totally failed with disaster results. Their is complete difference between Sustainable in Economy and SDG which puts forward a series of unrealistic goals that any person with a college education would immediately call nuts. With SDG it's putting a wish list of future things for earth to have completed which will certainly not happen. Dealing with the problems that are economic,society,political,environmental,terrorism,technology advancement and much more are where we need to focus our energy and resources. We can't be doing pie in the sky bandaids to fix planet earth. If we as a human race do this we are totally defeating our potential to be a better mankind. I constantly hammer at the General Assembly and Security Council common sense solutions that we can can do,achieve now that helps our planet earth and all its inhabitants. So many times I have to remind lawmakers in the legislature that the decisions we make have a broad effect on global planet earth. When we get it right everywhere everyone benefits. It's when we make knee jerk reckless  decisions in the legislature both earth living things and mankind enormous suffer from it.  It's the same thing when we screw the pooch on the global economy and trade. Everyone suffers a global decline which hurts all people on earth both poor,middle class and rich. We like it or not are a interconnected mankind that is depending on all of us to make the right choices,decisions for the current and future of planet earth. It's in our hands with God involved to decide together what this planet current and future will be for mankind,animals,earth and everything living. So,I turn now today to dealing with and trying to fix another General Assembly mess with Palestinian settlements in the West Bank. You knee jerk solution to stop the Palestinian settlements in the West Bank by destroying their homes and moving them to refugees camps is a ticking time bomb disaster. I said to you members in the General Assembly you adopt a resolution that is now actually accomplished. Your causing another civil war in Israel,Lebanon,Jordan,Egypt which which will again brew hatred and spill more blood in the streets in factional fighting. Then when you start moving Palestinian refugees forcibly from their homes,your removing peace agreements. Your going to get a global backlash from members and another civil war on your hands to have to fix. I as your Secretary General leader have long term executive experience dealing with the Middle East peace process with a lot of success but some failure too. Middle East internal workings isn't easy to come up with solid solutions that you can get all sides to agree on doing it. You have to do incremental changes so that all the opposition sides agree together with the plan combined with doing it.  I remember in the White House, when we were negotiating with the Palestinians, Yasir Arafat,the (PLO) Palestinian Liberation Organization about creating a new state. The Arab opposition was fierce objections to them have anything at all in the West Bank,Hebron and Lebanon,add in Gaza area to it. I remember in in of many high level discussions with King Hussein of Jordan and King Abdullah about creating a Palestinian state right on their doorstep. To my surprise both men were very receptive to the idea as long as it would keep the peace process going for regional security. Then I had to deal with opposition from Israel,you add I was butting heads with that Israel Knesset and Aaron Shaaron then Israel defense minister from memory. It just made the ground situation tension intense with his constant threats of military bombing both Saudi Arabia,Lebanon and the Palestinians. When President Bush came to me and said  "John I am over a barrel,I thought I could get a peace deal that would work but they instead shoved its up my butt,started bickering over every nit picking detail. I need a plan now that will work fast before the whole place self destructs,start killing each other in the streets. Then America going to called and forced into cleaning up the mess as usual" I said. Step One.  Install check points in Lebanon with guards and armed border security at the entire borders of Lebanon and put up concrete barriers,razor wire to stop the factional civil war raging in Lebanon at that time from spilling over into Israel,Jordan and other parts of the Middle East. Well it took George about three or four minutes sitting in front of me with other cabinet ministers to decide on it. " Ok John nobody here offered any kind of solutions to fix this problem here and I am taking serious heat from Congress breathing down my neck wanting to rake me over hot coal. You got your walls,border barriers,border security and all the other parts of your plan. I just hope this works or both you and me are going to be job shopping after Congress gives a us a proctology examine. Get the Joint Chiefs in here were going to build Lebanon into a fortress. Nobody in and Nobody out from here on got it. John's plan your all going to get it done now. Get moving! ! " It all was accomplished by a joint agreement with the Saudis,Jordan and Israel with assistance from Western nations in NATO. They provided critical logistics support for men and equipment to get the job done. The end result was we got the civil war inside Lebanon to end and put and end to it being used a terrorism breeding ground and training camp. We also stopped the spread of cross border conflict with the forced check points and barriers etc with armed guards. I think of another problem where the whole shooting match was going become a regional civil war in the Middle East. It's when idiot then Iraq dictator lost his mind Saddam Hussein started hurling Russian made SCUDS missiles at both Saudi Arabia and Israel. To make it harder for us in the cabinet in this White House we had other crisis going on in North Korea and the Chinese were threatening to blow us to moon. I really sucked playing defense against a total wacko in Iraq,meanwhile trying to figure out how to stop his rocket attacks that were being carried live on CNN 24 hour coverage. Actually we at first had find a way to handle the news media while we put plans in motion to shut up Saddam Hussein permanently and stop his SCUDS from killing more innocent people in Riyadh,Darrin Saudi Arabia and in Televiv,Israel. I developed a plan to put Patriot missile mobile batteries in Saudi Arabia and Israel which both nations deployed them. They were effective in stopping Saddam reckless useage of SCUDS missile attacks. It was a turning point George said to me " Good call you. shut Saddam down and with your plan combined with Dick Cheney and Colin Powell were going to put the hurt on that dictator and then were going to shut him up permanently." We will teach those idiots in the Middle East who is boss AMERICA is BOSS." Well one of the last part of the Gulf War was when American military using my plan cornered Saddam Hussein at his home compound and drove him crazy playing Heavy Metal music blaring it into his house over the compound walls. Then we got tired of having some fun and satisfaction with driving a dictator crazy,so we ordered him ripped out of his house by force and hauled to military jail. Then with George joyful permission we had Saddam the Butcher of Baghdad tried on charges of genocide in trial,convicted and hanged by rope mostly my idea of punishment that George and the court went along with doing it. "Saddam got hanged for his crimes, one less dictator after it is finally finished" When Operation Desert Storm ended George said to me

" Your a valuable visionary and professional in this place. Not many people have the impressive track record that you do. You certainly make this place held up to a higher standards which this place certainly needs more people like you here. Global your one of the very few people that really understands how things work on this planet. No wonder why every one of your former President bosses speaks so highly about you and so do World Leaders all over this planet. In my opinion you deserve being leader of planet earth,you certainly shown here and me why your the one that needs to be leading this planet and all your former President bosses agree with me after talking to them on the phone."

"Thank you George your very kind and a great boss and I love you and all your family."

I thought I would share with my global readers today some thoughts,experience with leading planet earth.

Have a Blessed Day,


Monday, December 26, 2016

UN Secretary General video

This is my Monday video address to this General Assembly,Security Council on important thematic issues start of new week.

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

UN Secretary General _> J. Norton video

This is my my planetary leader Christmas message to the General Assembly,Security Council and all of mankind on global planet earth.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

UN Secretary General-> video

This is my video address to the General Assembly,Security Council and all the people of global planet earth.

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