Thursday, September 21, 2017

Building a Better World Addendum

I will next publish the plan of global action that took me three years writing and rewriting it on paper before I started using my computer to complete the rest of all that parts of the plan 1 The Outline 2. Preface 3. The Plan 4. The Notes 5. The References materials

Note ; I will publish it in individual pieces on free time in my daily schedule.

H.E. UN Secretary General
Planetary Leader
Honorable John F Norton Jr.

Building a Better World

I decided today to write about my global master plan for entire planet earth. I actually started working on some simple concepts that just made sense to me in this plan for earth. I've actually thought heavily about it while being in the White House at executive level in the various jobs I've been hired by America and five Presidents to do. I just thought one day that you know this planet has tons of problems,so how about I work on a global plan to provide real solutions to fixing them. I admit being in multiple cabinet level jobs in the White House gave me a huge advantage on a global viewpoints. It really hit me one day that with all the world problems it seemed to me nobody really wanted to shake up the establishment political structure that runs this planet. So, 1. What should I do to help the one who created this planet which is God? Where should I focus my attention to on earth that needs it the most? How to achieve tackling the enormous variety of problems,projects and issues this planet is facing in my generation. I basically thought well if nobody on this planet wants to take on dealing with the projects and problems then I I am for the challenges ahead. From the beginning of my life I always have told the Creator I want to be planetary leader of this planet because I believe I can do the job. To add to this I've said I want to create and do a multi points plan that will help make your planet a wonderful place for everything living on it. This is a basic base I've brought to the God (Creator) saying I will help you to achieve your goals and well some of mine included. I got to thinking seriously that I'd better develop a plan that hopefully God would approve of it,so included all of planetary earth. This is the premise for the ideas that started my master plan called Building a Better World. I've said to many family members from early age,friends included that I think I can greatly contribute to a planet that is deeply in need of help. I looked around at what World Leaders have been doing for decades,even centuries finding that they basically are doing little to solve,fix this planet. Yes,in my time in the White House their certainly some good global leaders that have done good for earth. The trouble is when you add up their combined efforts it basically a drop in the bucket of real world problems that this planet is facing to current day of finishing writing this article. No,I am not trying to paint with a broad brush saying this planet is hopeless and can't be fixed. The truth is it can be fixed when we get all the governments,private sector businesses involved creating a new future for this planet. If we sit on our butt and do little or even worse nothing at all. What do we gain out of it? A legitimate complex disaster that going one day in the future bite us all,plus ever living thing on this planet in the butt heavily. I put this questions to the General Assembly,Security Council are we just here to work 9-5 jobs and go home saying look at all I've accomplish to help earth? Is it really that for a long time until I started getting involved it's just been don't do anything more than the status quota? How many people,organizations on this planet wants real world changes that effect all this planet? I got my answers well before being elected to being planetary leader in the last few terms in the White House. Dismal results in actual progress I've found at that point were being accomplished in both the two primary legislature bodies that are supposed to be doing their jobs. I looked at all the programs,projects and programmes and found that unfortunately the approximate same results. Very little activity toward really finding solutions that are common sense and putting them into action. So,with this all in mind I decided that I've got to do something to change the red tides that are happening in legislative processes,programmes that really can make a huge positive difference for all mankind,living creatures on earth. I finally came to this idea that if your going to solve,fix this planet you've got to have a good plan that has viable working components that will begin to strategic straighten this planet out from the ugly mess it really is in for centuries. For centuries we as humanity have ignored the overall consequences of our actions by abusing this planet that is so critical to our own existence as well as all living things. I posed the question on Twitter one day after being nominated to be Secretary General. What kind of planet earth do you want mankind? What do you think going to happen realistic if we continue the global rates of decay that is all around you for anyone living to see it? The answer was a mixed bag between who cares about what happens to earth after I am dead and buried. The other side said I know we got problems but how that going me? The third basic viewpoint is I really care about this planet and I really will contribute to fixing it but I don't know how I can help. It's really someone else problem to fix this planet like the United Nations because I am just another human and I can't spend my time worried about this when I got a family,house and a job to be concerned about daily,weekly,monthly,yearly. Putting all this data together plus my two decades plus in the White House,it just makes sense to create this master plan. Then put each piece of this master plan into action in the UN so we can really step up to the plate solving,fixing all planet earth problems. I've stated many times that fixing earth at this point and the future isn't going be easy. The truth is starting now is the right thing to do,before we push this planet to not fixable situation. So,my plan is really straight forward we start doing my plan and earth slowly will recover or do nothing and face our failures as mankind together. People have to really realize we are all in this together that is all humans approximate 10 billion lives. What we do or don't do as humanity will shape the current and future of all this entire planet earth for millenniums to come if we save it. At the present course not saving it we will one day face both our own destruction and the end of this planet existence. It's really in our hands,mankind as a partnership with God (Creator) to keep this planet going or complete death blow to it. We have a responsibility to share in the current,future of planet earth with God as his partner in all that we do right or all we do wrong. Really the fact remains it's his planet owned by him,he leases this planet to all mankind to share in his blessings,wealth. So,we have everyone on this planet a huge responsibility in the overall outcome of the current and future of this planet. This added to the ideas for this master plan to save,protect and preserve this planet for millenniums for all habitual living creatures which includes mankind. It's all our future that is riding on what we do each day that God grants a great gift of a new day on earth for all mankind,plants,trees,animals and everything living. So,creating this plan will help God and ourselves achieve keeping this earth an active living breathing planet. This is my preface for creating my master plan with help from God,my three wives that i've married Diana Spencer,Maria Reiner and my current wife Pamela L (Porter) Norton,the five American Presidents from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama,cabinets I've been so blessed,fortunate to work with great creative executive people,my family all have helped,inspired me to create,do this plan. I should note my close friends most particular Pope John Paul 2nd and Mother Teresa both contributed heavily to the issues,ideas and knowledge to making this plan combined with other members of the Holy See (Vatican) thank you to for helping me make this become reality. I want to take the opportunity to thank to the World Council of Churches,Vatican,UN General Assembly,Security Council,the prior Speaker of UN General Assembly and present Speaker of the General Assembly Peter Thomson included for adding extra knowledge and guidance to help making me elected United Nations Secretary General planetary leader of global earth. To the two living elected Secretary General Ban Ki Moon,Kofi Annan and the now deceased Secretary General Beautros Beautros Ghali,I thank you for you all for your tutoring,help,guidance. I want to also thank Jim and Roslyn Carter,William and Hillary Clinton,Clinton Foundation,Brookings Institute,Council on Foreign Relations,Trilateral Commission,Bilderberg Family,Carter Center,My in-laws in United Kingdom the Spencer and Middleton family with huge thanks to Queen Elizabeth Spencer and her husband,Earl of Spencer my first wife Princess Diana Spencer father for your enormous support,knowledge tutoring me. To the (Iron Lady) Britain Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for always being their for me,being my cheerleader,global advocate. To My second wife Princess Maria Reiner and her family of the independent country of Monaco for your coaching,support of me always. I will never forget you King Reiner of Monaco thank you. To British Prime Minister Tony Blair you inspire me to take the lead and become planet leader. Remember your quote "Your the most dynamic,skilled global leaders in this modern age,I will help all I can with all global  friends,World Leaders to put you where you belong,leading this planet." To my third wife HM Pamela Louise (Porter) Norton the former Princess of Edinburgh who is now Queen and Honor Majesty in United Kingdom. Thank you darling for your love,support,wisdom,knowledge,solid advice you've always give to me. To the entire Porter family for your love,kindness,knowledge and sharing with me everything wonderful,Thank you. Many more people and organizations that have helped me,to all the global people and organizations that still support,help me. I remember you all when making this plan for earth. Special thanks to all the UN Security Council members,states,UN General Assembly.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Blogging Again.

I've decided to resume writing this blog because of global interest in my 29 years of public government involvement. My leadership viewpoints,knowledge as Secretary General planet leader are highly valuable to global earth.
I'm going write articles on important subjects that effect all planetary earth. I'll publicly publish this blog posts time permitted frequently in my busy schedule with the UN.

Have a blessed day,
H.E. UN SG John Norton

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Saving The Worlds Oceans

It's certainly been a while since I posted to this important blog about my planetary issues and agenda. In April this year 2017 I started in the UN a new idea that we can as mankind save another critical part of earth. I started my program called Saving the Worlds Oceans with a complex set of ideas that I as Secretary General put into a usable program. You see I believe that the worlds ecosystems are very necessary component of sustainable life on planetary earth. I admit I came up with this idea of Saving Oceans because I see how our oceans provide as a resource to earth important sources of food,climate change effect. I think we as humanity have for century or longer ignored the disaster effects that we have done to our marine life that mankind,animals,plants are dependent on it. So I decided this is something that is very important challenge to fixing a part of earth that for too long governments on earth have ignored the consequences of environmental damage that we've done. So I started this program to effective change this global oceans disaster into a future success of clean,healthy planetary oceans. This program really taken shape with Speaker Peter Thomson of the General Assembly with other people in the General Assembly who see the important values that my program Saving The Worlds Oceans. Currently Speaker Thomson run with the ball and caught it with heavily pitching my program and setup a June conference to begin work,implementation of the Saving Oceans. Now that we're in a new 72nd session of the General Assembly with a new Speaker Miroslav Ladjac the next phases of my global programme will continue to be put into action. Peter Thomson has accepted the offer to be special oceans representative to facilitate the implementation phases of my plan,agenda. With approximately more half this planet depending on the oceans for various forms of food,support to life on entire earth it's time to take it seriously with conservation of these valuable resources. Some people argue that no matter how much we do to fixing the worlds oceans its already way to beyond fixing the marine ecosystems that are damaged. I don't agree. .Why?  Many studies on marine life, it's ecosystems show that it is fixable when mankind makes the efforts to stop global pollution,recklessly depleting the marine life such as fish,lobster and all various sea living creatures. Yes,it's enormously important to mankind,animals and this entire planet that we pro actively begin reverse the damage to our oceans. We all have,bear a responsibility to the current,future of planet earth so it's up to us to step forward to change the mistakes of the past and begin shaping the oceans,our world for the better of all living things.

H.E. UN SG Planetary Leader
John F Norton Jr.

Friday, March 10, 2017

UN Secretary General Video Report

This is my weekly YouTube video report update on what we have worked on in legislature and programmes combined with short explanation of our achievements.

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