Friday, March 10, 2017

UN Secretary General Video Report

This is my weekly YouTube video report update on what we have worked on in legislature and programmes combined with short explanation of our achievements.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

UN Secretary General Video Updates

This video message planetary updates was supposed to be post on Saturday but unfortunately it's now post Monday due to Google decision to clobber me with a ton of apps updates,errors that cost me my valuable time,frustration to fix it.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Abortion Rights

I am thinking today about the issues of abortion,abortion rights,reproductive effects on both sexes men and women. As Secretary General it's part of my job to lead planet earth in the right direction with all the the important issues by finding good solutions to current,future problems,get them accomplished. Let's get started with important information here,since I am a man who doesn't mince words being a leader. I am going to write a lengthy article on the problems mankind is faced with this hot button divisive issues combined with providing hard core facts,programmes data,then add some conclusion to this article on abortion. So,let's start with abortion is the murder of the innocent unborn or days,weeks old infant by gruesome medical procedure. Their are two types of medical doctor assisted (suicide) murder that a lot of doctors,medical staff don't want made public knowledge. Let's start with what is known by the victims (parents) or women involved in this voluntary or in many cases involuntary baby murder by doctors. The first procedure involves cutting the mother open while pregnant and killing the growing embryo or advanced stages fetus through using drugs,medical cutting the innocent fetus to mutilated pieces. This procedure is harmful to the mother while the procedure is being done because of the high risks of internal bleeding and death of both mother,fetus combined. Unfortunately this medical procedure is frequently used with or without the mothers of the fetus consent depending on the doctors,medical team involved. This still is the one primary medical procedure that global destroys the innocent next generation of humanity. The second medical procedure is called by medical doctors,hospitals partial birth abortion. This second grotesque medical procedure involves new born infants up to 8 weeks old being lethal injection of medical grade metalogical combined poisons that kills the innocent new born in minutes. Then the other parts of the procedure involves drilling a large hole in the innocent infants skull and sucking out the brain after making it into scrambled mess with tools. The final part is harvesting the innocent victim new born infants organs and discarding the rest of the body into a medical garbage can which is disposed of the same day. Both medical procedures are usually done without any regard for pain and suffering to both fetus or infant and the mother carrying the child. Global unfortunately a lot of member states on planet earth either allow,encourage both medical procedure or worse provide funding,medical clinics most of them free of payment through medical insurance plans. This allows medical community to profit off doing murder with in some countries laws that protect doctors,medical staff from being locked up,jailed for murder. In some member states on earth it's unfortunately a regular routine medical procedures that the state does in jails included to eliminate over crowding,sometimes the mother is injected against her will included in this assisted medical murder. Our WHO (World Health Organization) numbers of medical forced abortions,medical infanticide are global appalling. The hard number is actually in the billions of innocent lives both fetus,infants that are wrongly murdered by the medical community. Our UNDP ( Development Group) and UNDESA Development Policy,Inventors think tank,numbers analysts put the real figure at 1.7 billion and steadily climbing. This number is based on current analysis of the problem by our programme working on it. Numbers do change due to new data that is being analyzed before a report is issued. As planetary leader it's part of my job to protect innocent life on earth created by God using the resources,authority given to me by both God and planet earth. I stand for everything that God is about doing the best I can to lead this planet for him. This includes promoting freedom,democracy, civil rights,human rights,liberty, protecting innocent life of all current living mankind,new born,fetus included,etc Innocent life I was taught is a gift from God by depression generation parents who believed in the gospels in the Holy Bible. So, when I accepted the nomination and become confirmed Secretary General planetary leader of this entire planet earth I am told its one of my responsibilities to protect this planet in every way I can both for all the time I am elected and my policies,agendas must conform to God the Creator first,second the needs,problems that must be solved,fixed to ensure this planet future is still alive in good health. This is another part of my planet earth mandate to me when this planet unanimously elected me leader for the first term of 12 years with the knowledge and understanding that global earth has reached a decision to offer me a a second term reelection to this job which is lifetime. I see global issue of abortion as murder which needs to be put a permanent end to it,the  destroying the current,future generations of innocent human beings which will eventually kill the entire human race by our own hand. It's not as some call it population control by medical community and science because it's got huge consequences for the future of both mankind and animals on this planet. Why? Mankind and animals are being subjected to the same medical procedures that are global destroying life on earth. I hope that by my leading this planet I know I sometimes walk a tight rope with certain problems particular how to fix the terrorism issues that effect billions of lives combined with other deep issues that are problematic to this planet. My point is being planetary leader making decisions that effect this entire planet isn't easy but they still have to be made to (Create A Better Planet Earth)

H.E. UN Secretary General
John F Norton Jr.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Global Education

Well,like every day I wake up with my mind buzzing around with global issues,problems,solutions,agenda. Today is no different in that aspect however,I have to put on this blog important details about education. I center this morning on education because it's a focus in a lot of public policy decisions people are hearing about on the evening news. Since it's such a hot button issue,I thought that I would address it from the standpoint of being leader of global government. So,how does education global effect people? Good Question Right... I'll start with a preliminary overview in article,then get into the meat,potatoes of public policy. I will show my readers the global impact that education has on people and of course on the workplace. I'll throw in some important data from our UNDESA,UNDP (UN Development Group) numbers to show my readers factors involved in education. I'll finish it with a summation,conclusion with opinion mixed into it. I'll do my best not to make it a legal brief or legal argument because I am a lawyer/prosecutor in the court systems. I pause to sip my tea here early this morning beginning to write this article.  Humm.. Let's get started with the fact that is simple knowledge,every man,women,child needs education from the time they are born to earth. Second thought of importance is that no matter how old you are even if your 120,you still need to stay actively learning something new. Why? Our biology is wired by God our Creator to need education,training our entire lifespan. Have you ever run into someone who says to you my family member got alzheimers or dementia and experience first hand how frustrated the person is with it that their learning ability has either slower or stopped completely. Sure everyone in life met at least one unfortunate person who is in this category,felt sorry for the loss of memory,learning ability. 1. It makes you really realize that I don't want to be that way. 2. The overall value of keeping your mind working by education,training it so you don't become a stale prune like my Granny used to tell me. I reference my father in some things he said about education which is a good continued education,training will last you a lifetime. My father at age 70 could recite things from encyclopedia facts,draw complex diagrams,plus more that completely amazed people with PHD who were supposed to be experts. My father always kept a secret to his success mostly to himself which is he hated boredom,devoured knowledge in all subjects of college studies. That is why at age 60,70 and beyond his mind was frequently compared to a quantum computer. He used to hammer at me son,Education Education Education,it is what's makes or breaks a person in life. The ones who have education,training are the ones who will,are a life success,the ones that don't have it are left behind. One of the government education programs I started in the White House with my President boss is No Child Left Behind. It's based on ideas that both my depression generation parents taught me about the value education. Ever child deserves to grow up with a opportunity to have a good education that will make their lives become successful. The second part of it is that no child should be forced to go without a basic education no matter race,color,creed,rich or poor. I remember when I first talked about the ideas of the high value of a child's mind in the White House. I said in a several cabinet meetings that no child should lose out on the most important thing in a child development which is a basic education. I coined the phrase that stuck in the Presidents mind "No Child Left Behind" for the future of all children in America. If you give a child education I said,your giving that child a good head start on their future which will eventually translate into them going to college. Without a education that child hasn't got the necessary skills to make a productive life. Further more that same child will grow up in a cycle of abuse,violence,jail,live the rest of their lives in abject dire poverty. This is the difference between education and no education in either public or private schools. I going add a little of my experience here to this article by saying that my parents shared with me the awful difference between those who got a basic education,went to college and graduated with a college degree. They impressed on me that it doesn't matter whether you like,love or hate school,college it's something you have to have to achieve anything in this life. I remember my father saying to me that he had seen the effects where he grew up in New York State in the depression of those with a college education. They all had homes with their family that they lived with in modest comforts compared to all the poor people who walked down the street with no education in Buffalo carrying a tin cup,singing,going door to door begging "Lady can you spare a penny or a dime,so I can buy a hard roll to feed my family?" This really sunk in the importance of getting a basic education combined with graduate college with a degree. Now I'll switch focus here to some hard facts with our UN development group (UNDP) so that you see additional support in my article. The global rate of children in undeveloped,develop countries combined is at last count 1.3 billion who live below the poverty line mostly linked to lacking in basic education skills such as reading,writing,arithmetic,science,sociology. Currently in most undeveloped countries the levels of education with functional skills is very low. Obviously the numbers get better in develop countries with a emphasis on basic,secondary college,graduate school education. The overall numbers are different in develop nations with 990 million in adolescent age that are non functional illiteracy,lacking basic education skills. These are just a few hard numbers from our UNDP development group that shows on a chart how children are performing in schools systems in both a broken down as global,regional,community based charts. When you can first see it in a global view,then break it down into smaller pieces,your easily able to chart it. From that charts data you can make some core decision,then put it in flow chart,complete the process with a planagram. The planagram can be used as a corner stone of your education model first,then from it you create public policy to improved schools,college teacher certification program,classroom student attendance and participation. Creating public policy that is a common sense approach to be used in academic program is always a challenge. When you create education policy that either is a existing program or your creating new program that has never been tried their is a lot of different things involved in it. More precisely the fact that both policy,program have to meet a minimum standard for community based education. You have to factor in the levels of standards your settings for teacher,professors to adhere to in the schools,colleges. I am a firm belief in proper regulatory control that requires elevated standardize testing for both teachers,college professors. What's that mean for the faculty to do this in schools,universities? It requires teachers and college professors to be certified and recertification every two or four years depending on the levels of education being taught. By doing this it raises the standard that teachers,faculty,college professors must show proof ongoing while they teach their students. You get better quality of teachers,college professors teaching every subject in both school systems,colleges,universities. The end result is you raised the quality of education meanwhile students testing scores have jumped up by about 50% in all levels of education from first grade to last year of graduate school level. Many case studies points to the fact that in public schools,private schools,colleges when you enforce this kind of mandatory recertification you reduce the overall student drop out rates. You increase overall student class participation combination with more students graduate successfully from high school,college,post secondary education which is graduate schools. To answer the nagging questions of how do you fix our schools,colleges from turning out people who don't have basic,secondary education with usable skills? Their is another added policy that I created in the White House in the Bush administration that I think is effective as a solution to this problem. I changed the old ways of teaching secular humanism to a new program that teaches" God is First,Constitution is Second. Third Your Family" You see when you take God,Constitution,Family,American Flag our of our of schools,colleges kids lose their ideas of self worth,eventually lose their identity. So I developed a new program in the public sector that after a lot of bickering,negotiations finally passed Congress,it was quickly signed into law by President Bush. So it was called Education First a new idea that hadn't been tried in America. It has simple principles that are easily able to implement which teaches. 1. the value of hard work, 2. learning all your subjects in both school,college,graduate with a college degree. 3. It teaches you to appreciate the values of liberty,democracy,freedom 4. It teaches you to become a successful man or women in school,work and home. By putting this simple project in schools,colleges the current youth,future generations won't be lost in shuttle of laziness,lack of usable skills for employers to hire in the workplace. Finally the revolving doors of youth  crimes,youth incarnations would be severely reduced because kids would be able to function in society. Currently a larger majority of youth on earth get into violent crime because they have limited or no education,no marketable job skills which keeps governments building more jails to house youth offenders. You have to change education system,improve people lives,future.

H.E. UN Secretary General
John Norton

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Middle East Agenda

  Two State Solution

I find myself thinking heavily last  Saturday,Sunday morning and this week about the current status of the Middle East with Israel,Palestinians,Arab League. I am assessing the current challenges that the Middle East is facing with a host of problems,issues that are causing a separation with the different factions. I want to sit down,write about something called the Two State Solution that you frequently hear about debated with many governments and the news media. This idea is always talked about with the combined Palestinian refugee camps that exist for about 30 years inside Israel. Their is a lot to the two state policy that most people don't know about unless you've actually are one of diplomats and negotiators sitting in these meetings working on these problems. Many people in governments all over this planet earth know that I am considered an expert on both diplomacy and negotiations on a intergovernmental level. Having said this let's start to explore this idea of a Two State Solution with the Palestinians and Israel. I am going to throw in the Arab League into the article mix here showing how,what components that they contribute in overall Middle East policy from a western democracy standpoint. When you look for solutions in the Middle East to solve problems that have,continue to exist it's not easy to find something that works. Why? First of all as a western leader and diplomat you get generally a gap between what you think is accepted as moderate and their definition as moderate are two very different things. You walk into a diplomatic or leaders meetings expected that you as a westerner going to be instantly accepted,your going to be very disappointed. The overall gap between you and them at the negotiations table is very appalling even to a seasoned diplomat or head of state. I'll get to the facts about the two state solution later in the article however right now I want to bring you a variety of facts that will lead you into a better understanding of both policy,agenda. When you negotiate an itemized agenda with all the different factions involved in the region you know as a seasoned leader that your never going to get all the items on the list accomplished. You know from experience that you have to be direct in pushing the agenda with a take or leave it attitude. Example 1. We'll give you this this part of Lebanon for a small settlement in exchange for you agree to work with Israel on economic cooperation. Example 2. You'll put down your weapons realizing that we can help you or we'll park a carrier battle group on your front door step. Example 3. We will pump money into your economy so that your people can gain everything from basic necessity to phone communications. We can help you become a build banks and we will even throw in a sweetener with credit from the IMF ( International Monetary Fund) which will boost your economy. Or we will pull the plug on that last trade deal that made your economy growth at 4.1% their by you'll have your economy go in the toilet. This is some types of leverage negotiations strategy that work with the difficult different factions in the Middle East. You have to be blunt with your proposals and projects when trying to get different countries to all agree on same agenda. It's always a challenge to deal with the Arab League because they bring to the table a radical different viewpoints of how to fix systematic problem. My three decades in government working with common solutions in the Middle East have given me a unique understanding that when your trying to get something accomplished you better do the first 5 or 10 items on the list. You know if you got a good proposal their likely to do the the first five or ten items,then start squabbling over the rest of the agenda list. When dealing with World Leaders as a rule of thumb their patients,time is very limited and their attention span about the same. If you don't bring something of concrete value to the table their most likely to scoff at it,walk out of the meeting having accomplished nothing. Leaders,diplomatic meetings usually have the same kind of problems with a combined agenda that is put forward by each side in the meeting. Having said this you get a feel for how difficult it is to get anything done in the Middle East region. I have sat in multitudes of meetings trying to hammer our an agreement on getting peace and security issues solutions. You walk into these meetings knowing that if you get a limited agreement on regional support and security you've accomplished a lot. It always a uphill road for western leaders and diplomats to broker any kind of deal with the Arab League,Palestinians and Israel. They all want their slice of the same pie,their willing to bicker,kill each other to get it. These obviously present a variety of difficult challenges to brokerage of a collective deal that won't turn into more civil war. I have often said peace is a reality that can be achieved in the Middle East to some degree but you'll have to bring all the factions to the table and that in of itself isn't easy. I have sat in meetings with Middle East leaders where you know the air of mutual animosity and hatred so thick you'd cut it with a knife. This is what you take with you knowledge that is a underlying base with the other points I have made about hammering out agreements. Now that I have shown you some of the problems you face trying to get leaders in the Middle East to agree to move forward with a common sense plan,with a well constructed proposal for economic,peace,security and other important agenda items of great regional importance. Let's explore now the ideas of the Two State Solution in the Middle East and how it works,who benefits from it. The ideas of the two states isn't really a new idea in the Middle East with the fact that Jimmy Carter really is one of the creators of this plan to solve the three ways problem that exist between Israel and Palestinians with the Arab League involved. It's very complex plan with certain components that one must understand how it all works. The idea of Israel and the Palestinians become two separate countries where part of Israel would be a Palestinian authority. You add in the West Bank includes Hebron all the way to the Sinai peninsula, basically giving the Palestinians a vast amount of land for which to call home. Many western leaders have tried unsuccessfully to float this large land exchange program to try to stop the ongoing blood shed within the region. All three sides have fought it out very bloody civil war flash points over the two state idea. In the Middle East you have to clearly understand the ignition triggers that continues regional fighting over the same things for decades. You have to come to a understanding that you as a western leader can only do so much to improve the situation but you have to get some kind of built up mutual cooperation with even some of the factions in order to get something done. This two state solution is so far a mixed bag as far as it has gone in the Middle East with Israel and the Palestinians agreement to allow settlement homes in the West Bank. The other part of the agreement hammered out is to allow the palestinians to setup a limited state authority. This combined agreement has achieved some security,peace between the two sides with an integrated part allowing both to coexist in the same region. Many other ideas have been tried by western leaders with either dismal results or triggered violent street fighting or civil war. I remember my former boss President Bush Jr throw up his hands in anger and disappointed at the Middle East situation on the ground. I am going to throw in some of the Iraq war Operation Desert Storm so you can see another aspect of the complexity of dealing with the Middle East. I will take you back to the time when Saddam Hussein was fighting us tooth and nail with the Republican Guard. You see I was in the White House right with the President when we had to make a lot of important decisions that ultimately would effect the outcome of the ground offensive we were doing to kick the dictator Saddam out of office and Iraq. We needed supply lines to support the ground offensive against the Republican Guard to keep our soldiers,sailors and marines from being cut off from needed supplies,equipment. I remember telling George we got to get our coalition partners to provide us air coverage meanwhile we do a three prong approach to support them. "George if we don't get Turkey and Saudi Arabia to join us with Israel providing military support to cover our backside this thing could bite us in the butt." Saddam is no idiot but he's no match for the creative minds sitting here in this cabinet meeting and certainly no match for the Pentagon Brass who are experts at these problems. George Bush Jr and Dick Cheney agreed with my analysis but General Colin Powell liked the ideas but was sceptical we could get Turkey,Saudis to work together with NATO to finish the job on Saddam. Ultimately we decided to use my plan with adding enforced no fly zones over Iraq to cripple Saddam air power which it did do. We flew our planes and Saddam was shot out of the sky including his air fields were regular bombed. So,we finally got NATO to work together with Turkey and the Saudis provided us limited amount of airfields to fly our planes out of during the hight of the Gulf War. To negotiate these terms with Turkey,Saudi Arabia and eventually Israel was not easy because the Saudis and Turkey wanted assurances that Israel wasn't going to use the agreement as a excuse to invade them when they were not watching. In the end we negotiated a good agreement where all parties worked with NATO to finish Saddam off and liberate Iraq. When Iraq was finally liberated the entire population of Iraqi people sang and danced in the streets shouting we love America, Thank You Americans. This is how the Middle East is dealing with problems.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

UN Secretary General John Norton- video

This is my video address to the UN legislature on important issues of democracy and freedom. Remembrance of former Democratic President of Iran Mr. Anbar Hashemi Rafsanjani who died today at age 82.

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