Saturday, July 4, 2015

July Fourth Holiday

Good morning all your lovers of good food and beverages it's is the fearless coach here. I just want to wish everyone a happy safe holiday and drink responsible if your going to imbibe with alcoholic drinks. I know it's sounds like I am preaching the words of stingers to the ears but every year more people travel this time of the season. The sad part is people get killed because of being unaware of the effects of alcohol on the body. So everyone let's  have fun this weekend with family and friends doing it in moderation. Enjoy your weekend and use those travel vouchers combined with cheap tickets to spend it with the people that love you..

Happy Trails
Keep on Traveling

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Food Shopping

I hope that this day finds that everything in your life is going great at home. Being a busy budget mindset individuals working a regular job combined with children. The truth is that their not much time to manage a weekly budget but its definitely important to do so with cost cutting measures. You can go deal shopping online to get some decision making discount deals which will make your money stretch to your next payroll check. Actually there is a easier way of doing it which probably your parents did when you were growing up. It's not a new concept that coupon clipping from newspapers,vale rewards cards that you probably already have in your pocket do work well to save you on your food bills. Have you thought about using value bargain shopping places like COSCO ,BJ Wholesale Club and other discount variety warehouse stores do save you money? These places do offer you a great tasting variety of delicious foods and produce to choose from by buying it in bulk quantity. The great part of it is these places offer coupons for every kind of food,wine and beverages with a rock bottom cost compared to national grocery stores. Places like Food Lion,Price Chopper,Stop and Shop,Shaws Supermarket, Kash and Kerry,Windixie, Publics Supermarket don't generally offer the discounts and coupons to bargain minded shopper. They do offer occasional sales on over stocked items but when you read the bill total for the items your purchasing comparison to the same items from a competitor store warehouse chain.  You suddenly see how much money your spending compared differences their are on the two different bills this reflects how much the regular grocery store chains claim discount savings when in reality it's actually more expensive to shop there. Being frugal is good to do when shopping with your next grocery list but always keep in the more you spend in convenience type stores the less overall savings your weekly budget is going to have for other important items. Using the advertised advantages available to you when you shop will add less stress to your life. It's certainly going increase your overall monthly income for fun things you'll surely want to do with family and friends This makes everyone in your family smile while giving you the extra money you'll need later for your family.

Happy Trails
Keep on Traveling

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blogging Again. .

Well after a long time of being away from blogging and being your favorite beverage,food and travel guide guru. I am doing a major announcement of my return to writing travel thought provoking articles that hopefully everyone will comment on combined with enjoyable reading..
Have a Great Day..

Happy Trails
Keep on Traveling.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Travel Coupons

I recently started shopping discount coupon sites that offer huge travel discounts to a larger volume of buyers who want to save lots of money. This used to mean that you would go to a trip advisor to get those discounts but you might end up actually paying more for your trip. Not anymore with cheap coupon sites like living social and groupon that offer big discount coupons to all your favorite destinations worldwide. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your trip using their printable coupons which would be better than what your travel agent can offer you. Think about it that you've missed out all these years on one of the best kept secrets in the travel industry. This amazing little coupon secret is growing so big it is poised to become the mainstream way people shop and buy travel packages. Their is just one catch though you got to be proactive so when the deal is offered you got to use it or you will end up losing the great savings you could be enjoying. So when you shop for travel packages online or with your favorite travel agent make sure you have a current discount coupon with you so your able to get the benefits the coupons offer. Lastly make sure that you discuss with your travel agent the discounts that you want in your package and demand to see all the included fees they intend to charge you. If they hedge about showing you their fees it means they intend to stick you with a much higher bill for your favorite trip. Happy traveling. ....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fruit Wines

I am thinking about my recent taste test of real fruit wine that it offers even the most adventurous wine lovers a chance to try something new. Readers of this blog know that i am on the cutting edge of being a food and travel critic so when i tried this i started raving about it to all my friends about it. The thing i like about fruit wines is now their a ton of various ones to from that all have a delicate delightful taste to them. You have the regular ones like blueberry,strawberry and peach which wet your pallet for the ordinary kind of meat and potatoes person.. Then you have the exotic fruit combinations that are for the adventurer types of people who want to try something new. The variety of fruit mixtures that are offered now is giving even the most critical drinking fanatics a opportunity to bring mixing to a new serious art form. You have for example blueberry,peach with mango delicately mixed into a delightful delicious tasting wine that will wow everyone who tastes it. Items in the wine album at your local store tend to be straight run of the mill wines selection to choose from which tend to be higher prices than a good fruit wine.. Yes i know the other critics are right about some aspects of production of wine stating that it is made from grapes. This is true to some degree as the ordinary store bought wine selection has not much variety of taste but if you go to a specific specialty wine making store you will get a lot to choose from in mixed combinations of fruit. So the next time you go head out to shop for a good wine as a smart shopper check out the specialty wine shops in your area. Try out a good mixed fruit wine combination to serve chilled to your family and friends which will wow their taste buds meanwhile not busting your monthly budget..

Monday, March 24, 2014

Crowd Sourcing Travel

I know that usually i am writing about some fantastic food or place i have visited. Well i got to thinking this early Monday morning most people don't know what crowd sourcing is as it applies to them when your trying to travel to some far away place. Actually crowd sourcing been around a long time but it's not really well known until the past decade where it's become popular to mostly technology infrastructure of people who are using it. Quite simplified it the art of using your peers to find a better deal on travel packages based on their experience. This works very well for most people who are business minded but the average person knows nothing about it. I have to admit that I've used it a lot in my.lifetime principally because of being in multiple businesses. Yes it really works to further your profit margins while keeping your travel costs low. If your a regular traveler like me lifetime  who either travels on business or your just doing for pleasure you can benefit from crowd sources online and in person. The factor is that with so much options to choose from to get to your destination you do need help to make a informed choice for a travel provider..i know that sometimes you get good advice from friends but if your traveling to a new place that you know nothing about your better consulting a travel agency like AAA to find the best deals. Sometimes your lucky doing it on your own finding good deals mostly online but if you make a mistake your going to eventually wish you signed up.with a travel agency. Most people think that tracking rates on travel packages can get you a better and cheaper package but that is not always true.. The reality is their are hidden fees that can make your travel package more expensive and limited in what you can do. Definitely if you used crowd sources you would have most likely avoided all those fees and extra cost in a travel package.. So the next time you are shopping for a travel package to go to a specific destination consider what i have written here..

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vegan. .

If you really read this blog enough you know that i tend to be excited about food and travels to places that other people wouldn't normally think of doing in their life..  That is until i decided to try vegan foods which do take some kind of adjusting to the taste of it. I think that if you go with eating natural food instead of junk food laced with chemicals that have names you cannot even spell. I remember recently a dietician saying to me that if i want to live long life then cut out smoking,drinking alcohol and all prepared junk food. I nearly choked on that with visions of all my favorite drinks and food that i could no longer have like Twinkies and top round steaks.. i am telling you i had to tell myself everything is going to be alright but in truth i wasn't fine with giving up on foods that my parents brought me up with eating and drinking.. Well i thought this lady has a point about living longer so i guess i give it a try since i haven't exactly mastered keeping my health up recently. After trying some of the wide variety of foods that are available i have to admit it tastes really good. I know that i should have done this decades ago so i wouldn't have the health problems i have today. I guess that old saying is true your only ignorance is when your refusing to try something that will help you become a better person. I have tried being vegan for about 6 months now with really amazing results. I notice significant changes in how i feel overall better than prior decades when i exceed probably my limits on junk foods. I know that if i done my eating habits different back then in my teens and beyond i wouldn't have done the massive amount of chemicals from bad foods that leads to health problems later on in life.. Yes that's something i cannot change is all the junk food i consumed in the early years of my life due to both parents who were fast food and gargantuan junk food addicts that got me to to eat poorly.. i do remember one thing that my mother used to say from her archives of wisdom life is very precious so you need to protect yourself.. I can say that now being older age 40 something i do agree with that statement but laugh at her because she had the absurdity of preaching things. I remember that  she would guzzle fast food and all kinds of junk food that made her ultimately very fat with chronic edema including other health problems she hid for decades from everyone.. i hope that this decade i have wisely changed lots of things so i wouldn't end up being fat and lazy like my mother was into her older age.. I seen a friends father who has lived so far to about eighty but due to his excess with junk foods now he weighs probably four hundred pounds and his son is following in his father's footsteps being a total blimp.. You don't live long life with making excuses for sitting on your butt with overeating junk food until your a blotted blimp not exercising. I just have to point to my own family and a couple friends to see the overall effects of poor eating and no exercise habits.. The truth is that it eventually kills you if you don't wake up to what your doing wrong. That's the sad truth of mostly everyone in America who work in a office and then go home after work click on goes the television and then sit eating ice cream.. Every good doctor will tell you it's your life so it's up to you to get up off the couch and put away permanently the junk food to live a better long life. I totally agree so now i am really trying to undo all the years of damage I've done to myself by eating junk food diet. I really hope to achieve my new goals of better health combined with a severe increase in my longevity on earth..